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Comfortable enough to feel like your favorite neighborhood watering hole. The atmosphere is what makes a bar feel good. The Parlor Lounge has the ambiance of mid-century theater and the warmth and charm of a rustic northwest lodge.

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The Parlor Shop Lounge serves craft cocktails. It’s a little New York, mixed with the warmth of the great northwest, add in a touch of your favorite neighborhood tavern, finally—a tip of the hat to the old Campana’s atmosphere.

A bar isn’t complete without the warmth and hospitality of a great bar tender. Our concierge/mixalogist is a bit of a specialist in subtle innovations, try the Negroni or Sazerac on draft. However, even with the best spirits, it’s the atmosphere and hospitality that makes the Lounge. Taylor isn’t you’re typical barista, she’s also part-owner of Parlor Shop. We want people to feel at home— exceptional customer service and a fun familiar vibe is always at the top of our list.


Negroni *On Draft 
Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Campari 

Sazerac *On Draft  
Rye, Peyshaud’s Bitters, Sugar, Absinthe, Lemon 

Perfect American *On Draft
Michter’s American Whiskey, Antica Formula, Dolin Dry, Lemon 

Murder Hornet 
Gin, Lemon, Honey, Vanilla, Laphroaig Scotch

Rum Punch 
Plantation Rum, Maraschino Liqueur, Pineapple, Lemon, Sparkling Wine

Moscow Mule 
Vodka, Lime, House-made Ginger Beer 

Tequila, Lime, Grapefruit Liqueur, Angustora Bitters undefined

The Elevator Cocktail  
Gin, Lemon, Ginger Liqueur 
(Add Egg White +$2)

Georgia Peach Sour
Bourbon, Boudier Peach, Nectarine, Lemon
(Add Egg White +$2)

Parlor Shop Crusta
Applejack, Swedish Punsch, Lemon
Sugar, Angostura Bitters

Maple Berry
House Infused Strawberry Tequila, Campari, Lemon, Maple Syrup

Bacon Fat Vieux Carre
House Bacon Fat Infused; Rye Whiskey,
Brandy, Antica Formula Vermouth, Benedictine, Peyshaud's & Angostura Bitters

Smoked Old Fashioned
Henry McKenna Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, Orange Zest. Cold Smoked w/Applewood for 3 hours


La Fiera 
$8 / $28
Pinot Grigio (IT) 
Inama   $9 / $34
Vin Soave Classico (IT) 
Fat Bastard   $10 / $ 38
Chardonnay (FR) 
Zardetto  $8 / $28
Cuvée Sparkling (IT) 
Lobo Hills  $44 BTL
Sauvignon Blanc (WA) 
Hook & Ladder  $42 BTL
Chardonnay (CA) 
Kris  $32 BTK
Cuvée (IT) 
La Valentina  $36 BTL
Pecorino Bianco (IT) 


Castelluccio  $8 / $28
Sangiovese (IT) 
Valle Reale   $9 / $34
Montepulciano (IT) 
Disruption    $10 / $38
Cabernet Sauvignon (WA) 
Novelty Hill   $40 BTL
Syrah (WA) 
Reininger   $44 BTL
Mr. Owl’s Red (WA) 
Lobo Hills   $48 BTL
Right Bank Blend (WA) 
Pike Road   $44 BTL
Pinot Noir (OR) 
Selvapiana   $36 BTL
Chianti Rufina (IT) 
Fabio Motta Pievi   $48 BTL
Tuscana (IT) 
Vietti    $62 BTL
Barbara D’Alba (IT) 
Castello Di Neive   $86 BTL
Barbaresco (IT) 
Altesino    $128 BTL
Brunello Di Montalcino (IT) 
Vietti    $44 BTL
Borolo (IT) 375 ML 


Rainy Daze 
'Goatboater' IPA
Hood Canal  $6
Smoked Amber
Elysian  $7
'Space Dust' IPA
Western Red   $6
Red Kolsch
Stella Artois   $6
Rainy Daze   $6
'Van Reaper' Porter
Volhol  $6
'Golden Warrior' Blonde
Rainier *Can*  $3.5


House-made Ginger Beer  $6
Scratch Lemonade. $5
Topo Chico Sparkling Water  $5
Iced Tea   $4
Fountain Soda   $4
Mexican Coca Cola  $5
French Press Coffee   $6
Hot Herbal Tea   $4

old fashion
Whisky from
a keg!

One of our cocktail specialties is on tap. Classic cocktails mixed perfectly in a batch in house and ready to serve.


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